Full Denture Implants

Dreaming of a White Smile?

If you have bad or decaying teeth, you will appreciate how lovely it would be to have a white sparkling smile with beautiful teeth.  This doesn’t need to be a dream, but it’s certainly not a quick turnaround treatment.  You will need to get extensive dental cosmetic work done and it’s a big upheaval in your life.  The end result is a breathtakingly beautiful smile and one that everyone will comment on, but its a lot of work to get there.

Some people don’t need a full set of denture implants but may prefer to go down this route as they want both top and bottom to look very similar.  If you go down this route, you must work with a very skilled cosmetic dentist, otherwise, you could run into all sorts of trouble.


  • It can take 9 – 12 months to fully complete the treatment and of course, you need to find the time for all the appointments with your dentist.  This treatment is very time consuming but the rewards and to finally have that perfect smile are worth it.

Process of a Denture Implant

  • Your teeth, bones and gums are x-rayed
  • Full consultation to determine reasons and mindset
  • Teeth are removed and holes made in the gums via incision
  • Implant placed into the hole in the incision and then closed
  • Mouth is left for a period of a few months to allow the gum and implant to merge
  • Healing caps are placed on the implant for a few weeks
  • Model of the dentures is made to match your mouth perfectly
  • Denture is attached to the jaw

Make Contact

If you would like to speak to a professional company, you should speak to the professionals.  A good cosmetic dentist will not offer a discount for denture or dental implants, so please make sure you do the research to find the best person for the job.  It is a big investment on your part and you don’t want to be disappointed.